A true gentleman

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Imposter!

It’s Tuesday night and Zoomy has her obedience class with Mica, her 14 year old junior handler, coming up. I don’t hear the doorbell but do hear the pounding on the door. By the time I get to the door, find the leash and fumble with the key, the minivan is turning around to leave. I bang on the door, call “Zoomy” (who comes right away for a change), snap on the leash, open the door and let go of the happy girl who hops right into the kennel in the back of the minivan.

I finally sit down to relax and watch as Taiko and Ziva play (she’s on her back, he’s on top of her and they’re wrestling) I catch a glimpse of a purple collar — Zoomy has a new purple collar but Ziva is supposed to have a beige collar. I call Ziva's name and up pops Zoomy.

OH NO, I sent an imposter to class!

I hop in the truck with Zoomy and get to the class just as Mica’s mom is pulling out to come pick up the real Zoomy. She pulled back in and reported that Mica mentioned that “Zoomy” sailed into the crate - she usually sits there and takes her own sweet time before hopping in. But it wasn’t until they got inside that she realized she had the wrong girl.

Oh well, never let it be said that Ziva isn’t an opportunist!